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  S for Sharing... 10%

Every time you purchase a SI apparel & accessory, we, together, donate 10% of the proceeds to non-profit organizations working tirelessly to achieve justice and fairness for immigrants under the law.

1 purchase = 10% donated

to help documented immigrants' chances for success in their new countries

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  P for People Power

Today people and businesses, not governments, are in the best position to make a change. It’s up to us – you, me, and all of us. We are the ones who can create the loving world we dream of.

Each of us has the power and responsibility to give according to our means, may it be giving love, time, knowledge, support, and/or money.


  R for Reshaping 

Every time you wear an SI apparel/accessory, you help reshape the world's vision on immigration so solidarity can replace hate.

You’re inspiring minds to open, beliefs to be upgraded.


You’re helping spread a new symbol for positive immigration.

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  U for United

We collaborate with 4 wonderful charities, well-known for their accountability & transparency, as well as helping with immigrant’s insertion and chance for success. They are:


  E for Empathy


Walls will be built. More governments will reverse to fascism and extremes. Fear, hate crimes, and mass atrocities will continue to rise. Misinformation will win.

Only through empathy and supporting one another, while working hard towards the greater good, can we make our world a better place.

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 The Founder's Words

SuperImmigrant is a social impact company whose mission is to help change minds on immigrants by becoming the new symbol of positive immigration.

​Thank you for joining us in creating a world where great citizens of all cultures unite to create a better economy & society together.

SuperImmigrant favors legal and responsible immigration and will help inspire immigrants of all status to get there.

​We are eternally thankful for your support.

~ Armelle Cloche

Creator, Founder, & CEO

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