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The power of unity is our catalyst. 

When I started SuperImmigrant in 2013, I wanted to build a family. A lot of us, immigrants, arrived 'alone', but now we can be part of a greater 'we'. The SuperImmigrant brand helps us share our journey, story, and accomplishments as courageous beings.​

We came from far away, making great sacrifices to pursue something greater than ourselves. We are creators, leaders, and self-starters. We try new things, we challenge convention, and we’re not afraid to fail.


We are loyal to our culture of origin and the new land which welcomed us. We're not perfect, and we don't pretend to be. We are hard workers, always reaching for more. We get shit done and we get it done well. Persistent, we knock down walls–literally if we have to.


We are grateful for each other, other immigrants, and to be part of this family. We are so appreciative for the opportunity to better our lives and future. We don't take success for granted. We’re happy to be alive.


We are in this together. This is a team effort. We always look out for one another. We have empathy, we know we're all human, and know we can’t do any of this alone.

Words from the Creator

No matter which country you come from, I personally immigrated from France, I welcome you in our SuperImmigrants family.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Armelle Cloche - Creator & CEO

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